Jan 10, 2017

Find your own guitar, Touristologist!

I love Christmas time! Time to enjoy with my family and go deeper into my coding skills!
The other day, I was trying to cheer up my daughter. She was having the usual adolescents’ problems, that are a big disaster one day and nothing to remember after 24 hours (arguments with friends, boys, new feelings…) I began to sing a beautiful song from Joan Manuel Serrat…
When friends /love arrives… When friends /love go away…
Only your guitar remains…
I explained to her… “Your guitar can be NOT only a physical object. It can be a spiritual thing as well! Your guitar is what motivate you. It is where you get your strength. It is the hair of Samson! Find your own guitar!!
What is your guitar, Daddy? - She asked me.
Learn about something interesting - I replied. Touristology, Web Engineering…then convey this knowledge to someone willing to learn then, see how they improve their lives using this knowledge making me the happiest and proudest man on earth!! This is my guitar!
And you Touristologists… Did you already find your guitar? Maybe 2017 will be the year that you will discover it and you will want to share it in this OUR blog OR in OUR seminars!?!?!?
Happy new year!!!

Dec 22, 2016

Experience? SURE! But… the right one!

You can be an “expert” in almost anything just studying the subject and then practicing a little bit what you have learned, but there are some exceptions…
In order to get proficiency in English you must act (talk/write/read/THINK). In order to be good in Martial Arts you have to practice (a lot). In order to enjoy the benefits of Yoga you have to practice (everyday). To create the new disruptive mobile app application you have to write code, discover bugs, refactor it when it is necessary. In all these abilities (Live in another language, develop your own software, martial arts, Yoga…) one hour of practice is better than 1,000 of theory.
Do you think that Yield /Revenue Management is part of this set? Sure, it is! Maybe for that reason I fell in love with it long time ago.
Yield/Revenue management has something in common with developing software that make them absolutely different from the other abilities that I mention previously!
Do you think that Internet change how to become an expert in English, Martial Arts or Yoga?
Do you think that Internet change how do you develop software? Do you think that cloud services are important? Do you think that Web Services and Web Scraping are important? Do you think that document oriented databases or  graph databases are more important thanks to Internet?
Last question! Do you think that Yield /Revenue Management have changed because Internet?
Let’s see a few examples:
 A) Segmentation is one of the flavor of the month in Yield /Revenue management. Nowadays, it is so easy to get information about our customers. To know where they meet to share what it is important to them. To know their SUBJECTIVE opinion about our services… By the way, I’m talking about REAL segmentation, not Sociology experiments like Millennials or BOBOS OR using as a variables of segmentation random information from my Property Management System (PMS): Do early reservations, like double breakfast, they are from…, they have … years old…
B) Customization is another flavor of the month in our favorite technique/philosophy... It is so easy to customize what to offer, when, where, the servuction process… everything! We have information about the segment, a group inside this segment, even individual customers. We can know their different “Versions of Me” based on with whom they are traveling OR based on their mood. We have ALL this information at our fingertips. Do we have the skills to transform it into KNOWLEDGE??? Using Business Intelligence OR Intelligent Systems (that was more popular when I got my PhD.) OR Big Data (that today is the most popular word and I’m sure will be changed for another word in a few years!!!)
Only people with no experience whatsoever in Internet (neither in the new business model nor in the new technological schemes) won’t see the big impact of Internet in Yield/Revenue Management.
Do you want advice about Yield/Revenue Management? Be sure that you talk with any of my Touristologists!
They can apply Yield/Revenue Management from the beginning to the end of the trip!
They can apply Yield/Revenue Management making all departments and all members of the chain of value work as a single ecosystem!
They can design and apply the best web 2.0 business model and using the most appropriate technological schemes, make this ecosystem possible!
They see crystal clear that OUR  business is NOT selling rooms or F&B… OUR business is to satisfy OUR customer, providing what they need, when they need it, in the way they need it!
Experience in Yield/Revenue Management? Be sure that you choose someone that doesn’t repeat the same year, the same techniques, the same lack of segmentation, the same lack of customization, the same lack of new business model Internet adapted!

Nov 1, 2016

Create Touristologists! Create disruptors! Create survivors!

Robots and Artificial Intelligence will steal SOME jobs…
Be sure that are NOT the kind of jobs your Touristologists are able to do!
Be sure that your Touristologists can do what robots and AI can’t!
The other day, I was doing my usual routine… Hatha Yoga for warming up and stretching, fast walking for cardiovascular exercise (my knee doesn’t’ allow me to run for a long time), Kata / Hyeong of my favorite martial art (Kung Jung Mu Sul) to finish with a little bit of Pranayama and Meditation watching the sea.
Usually, I listen to podcasts during the fast walking part and after the Meditation plenty of new ideas (for instance this post) appears in my mind.
In this occasion, the podcast was about innovation in education….
These ideas appeared in my mind…
Robots/AI are able to memorize, to find patterns, to simulate average knowledge…, be sure that your #Touristologists are able to learn new frameworks, able to connecting the dots, to create the new, new thing, to visualize the new disruptive startup or, using the words of Joseph Schumpeter, to originate creative destruction!
Maybe you can write down this in Twitter, Touristology’s voice told to me!
1) Design complete frameworks for your subject NOT easy ones. Don’t create copyologists, create #Touristologists
2) Don’t ask for your examples. Demand for originals ones. Don’t create copyologists, create #Touristologists
Don’t create parrots only able to memorize and repeat your examples. They will be defeated for robots and Artificial Intelligence!
Create mental warriors, create problem solvers, create people able to analyze a complex reality, connect the dots and propose the new, new thing /the new disruptive start-up for Tourism or for any other sector!
In another podcast, experts were talking about the future of television. I thought that this topic could be a good example about how good frameworks and connecting the dots can help you to visualize the future and your new disruptive startup.
The framework?  What about web 2.0 business model!

What will be the business model of television? I’m sure that you can visualize it taking ideas, connecting the dots from this framework. Let’ see…
Who can create and distribute the content? The answer can be a good example of pro-am!
Do you want to see the content in any device from any platform? Do you want to buy/sell something related to this content? Do you want to share/see people like you or complementary to you? Good examples of the word Syndication!
Do you want to see all or do you want to see what is interesting to you right here, right now? Good examples of customization based on versions of me and Geo-location!
Robots and Artificial intelligence will steal SOME jobs… Be sure that your Touristologists can do what robots and AI can’t!
I’m a Touristologists builder! This is not a job, this is my pleasure, my honor and my privilege!!!

Oct 8, 2016

Three main threats/opportunities for hotels.

The other day I shared this video in OUR twitter account
Today, I want to provide a wider review. At the end of the day, Accor's strategic action, try to give a successful answer to one of the three main threats/opportunities facing hotels companies nowadays. 
For starters… 
Threat/Opportunity Number 1) Online travel agents (Expedia/Priceline) and central reservation systems, for instance Booking (a member of Priceline group), are becoming an oligopsony   
Threat/Opportunity Number 2) Data Aggregators/Meta-Search Engines and infomediaries are playing all the cards. Tripadvisor was only a social networking site to share reviews, now you also can make reservations. Trivago was a Data Aggregator, now you also can make direct reservations. Google makes its own movement with Google Hotel Ads also allowing direct reservations in exchange for a commission. You can choose to pay for CPC (cost per click), CPA (Cost per Acquisition) or a mix of both. Here you can see more information… 
  Threat/Opportunity Number 3) The sharing economy. We debate a lot about this topic here and here   
Focus on 1 and 2 Accor created their own distribution channel and invite independent hotels to use it (not afraid to upset franchisees). In order to create this new channel, Accor bought fastbooking which allow them to change prices in all their chain of value in a responsive design way? I love Touristology’s games!!! Here you can enjoy this video: 
From a strategic point of view…. What is the point to open MY channel and transform it into OUR channel? 
To attract more customers (because they will see more offers)?!?!? 
To send a message to Booking, Expedia…. If you increase your commission… I will mark down mine!?!?!? 
To control the chain of value!?!?!? 
Is this a good movement for an independent hotel in EU (remember they are 70% of the rooms in EU BUT only a 30% in USA)? OR if you join, you are just helping to create another member of the oligopsony (By the way, a member that it is also your competitor. So, hotelier? YES! Competitor? As well! 
BUT…Jordi what about the third one (The sharing economy) Well, Accor is active in this field too. They acquired 30% of oasis collections. They also acquired 49% of squarebreak and the Jo & Joe brand that appears in the video of the tweet try to give an open space for locals and tourists. 
So, you can buy/make agreements with apartments intermediaries. You can add value combining sharing economy and professional service as Room-Mate is doing with Bemate as we saw here. Or Choice hotels opening a new division.
What about to join to another movement…Touristology’s one?!?!?! 
1) Looking for specialized segments avoiding the oligopsony! (By the way, be sure that you avoid Dr. Frankensteins segmentation!!!)
2) Competing with value not with low prices! 
3) Selling all the things Touristology can provide (international contacts, bounding experiences, boost of creativity…) and avoiding to compete with nowadays commodities: rooms, food and beverage and meeting places!!! 
You can find some examples here...
But the best option is to talk to any of my Touristologists!!! They will say to you: Do you want to deal with a fast-changing distribution landscape? Maybe is time to be proactive!!!!

Aug 23, 2016

Cruises as a transport, NOT as Tourists provider!

Cruises? Of course! But…much better as a transport for OUR tourists that only as a parking for THEIR tourists!!!  #Touristology
Do you REALLY want to be leader in Tourism? Bring your own Tourists. Don’t wait to someone else (you can call it Tour-Operators, big search engines, big social networking sites, the new group buying and flash sales sites.…. A cruise!!!) brings theirs.
Some years ago, some tourism destinations did the same actions with low cost airlines, giving to them better conditions in order that they bring THEIR tourists to them.
I repeat! Do you, REALLY, want to be leader in Tourism?
1) Find good international segments (Please, forgot about Dr. Frankensteins segmentation)

Be sure, that you can create groups inside this segment. Be sure that you can add layers of profit.

Then, use the airlines and the cruises as a transport companies for YOURS Tourists!!! Not as a Tourists provider!

2) As WE, Touristologisty said, nothing wrong with generic tourism BUT we have to combine it with specialized one. To tell the truth always better combine specialized with generic...
that the other way around. But if this is not possible… be sure that you add some specialized layers over your generic tourism! In this way, you always will have a good swimming pool level (the percentage of occupancy that you already have for sure). Then, your negotiations with some tourist providers will be much easier!!! Show to the world that we are leaders in Tourism!!!
Any doubt? Don’t’ ask me… Ask any of my Touristologists!!! You don’t know who they are? Very easy, just ask them… what is your profession? They will proudly reply “Touristologists!!!”
They are the best minds working in the best sector ever!!!

Aug 3, 2016

Don’t like THESE tourists? Bring your own ones!

The other day a journalist asked me if it was possible to have an interview about how residents were worried about the increase of Tourism and all the problems this represents.
Of course - I said - I always have time to talk about my favorite topic! Finally, the interview was not possible… I had prepared my thoughts about this topic… So, what about sharing them with my fellow Touristologists?!?!?!
It is supposed that we are leaders in Tourism. Countries leaders in something has their residents as the bests of the best in that discipline! Take Tae-kwon-do for instance. Korea has plenty of champions! Take chess. Russia has plenty of experts! If we (YOU???) want to be leaders in tourism…
It is NOT enough that our residents like to travel.
It is not enough to have the highest number of tourist visiting the same places at the same time.
If we, really, want to be leaders in Tourism, we have to train our people, to make them able to organize trips and bring people here and then, when they gain the trust of THEIRS tourists, they can send them around the world! Creating, communicating and commercializing their own international routes!
Then, we will be leaders in tourism, because we will have plenty of Touristologists!

But Jordi this is very difficult! Of course! For this reason, Touristology is a science! It is not more difficult than chess or Tae-kwon-do! The only thing that we need is plenty of motivated people, eager to learn. Then, statistics will highlight few champions in the field. Then, the rest will feel more motivated and will follow their example. Then, we will be real leaders in Tourism!
This day, journalists won’t call me about an interview about the problems that tourism brings. Journalists will call these champions to talk about how tourism improves the life of the tourist, creates LOCAL enterprises and well payed jobs for the residents and takes care of the local culture!!!
But Jordi! Are you able to give a single example about this kind of products?
One? I can give thousands!!! What about the ones that appear here?
Don’t like THESE tourists? Bring your own ones! Tourism is NOT something that just happens. It is something that you build! Let’s build a place with the best Touristologists on earth!!!
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela

Jul 19, 2016

YOU have to change the way we enjoy, manage and define Tourism!!!

Asian tourists going to a small village next to Oxford? Because somebody told them that Harry Potter scenes were shot there OR because somebody told them that they will find love when they return?
People going to a tourist destination because they can catch a Pokémon?  
Good examples of Mass Tourism or Specialized? Do you think that this will endure for a long time? I only hope that when some Touristologists create a dynamic package also appears in the news! Basically, because it will be an example of how Touristology can improve the quality of life, provide international contacts and broader perspectives for the tourist AND take care of the culture and create richness and employment for the tourist destination. BUT… Jordi.. it is not the case of the small village or Pokémon? Open your mind Touristologist! Review again the Da Vinci Code story. Review again the story of Chip Conley and JDVhotels then listen to YOUR Touristology’s voice and…change the way we enjoy, manage and define Tourism. You are Touristologists the best minds working in the best sector ever! Time to prove it!!!