Aug 23, 2016

Cruises as a transport, NOT as Tourists provider!

Cruises? Of course! But…much better as a transport for OUR tourists that only as a parking for THEIR tourists!!!  #Touristology
Do you REALLY want to be leader in Tourism? Bring your own Tourists. Don’t wait to someone else (you can call it Tour-Operators, big search engines, big social networking sites, the new group buying and flash sales sites.…. A cruise!!!) brings theirs.
Some years ago, some tourism destinations did the same actions with low cost airlines, giving to them better conditions in order that they bring THEIR tourists to them.
I repeat! Do you, REALLY, want to be leader in Tourism?
1) Find good international segments (Please, forgot about Dr. Frankensteins segmentation)

Be sure, that you can create groups inside this segment. Be sure that you can add layers of profit.

Then, use the airlines and the cruises as a transport companies for YOURS Tourists!!! Not as a Tourists provider!

2) As WE, Touristologisty said, nothing wrong with generic tourism BUT we have to combine it with specialized one. To tell the truth always better combine specialized with generic...
that the other way around. But if this is not possible… be sure that you add some specialized layers over your generic tourism! In this way, you always will have a good swimming pool level (the percentage of occupancy that you already have for sure). Then, your negotiations with some tourist providers will be much easier!!! Show to the world that we are leaders in Tourism!!!
Any doubt? Don’t’ ask me… Ask any of my Touristologists!!! You don’t know who they are? Very easy, just ask them… what is your profession? They will proudly reply “Touristologists!!!”
They are the best minds working in the best sector ever!!!

Aug 3, 2016

Don’t like THESE tourists? Bring your own ones!

The other day a journalist asked me if it was possible to have an interview about how residents were worried about the increase of Tourism and all the problems this represents.
Of course - I said - I always have time to talk about my favorite topic! Finally, the interview was not possible… I had prepared my thoughts about this topic… So, what about sharing them with my fellow Touristologists?!?!?!
It is supposed that we are leaders in Tourism. Countries leaders in something has their residents as the bests of the best in that discipline! Take Tae-kwon-do for instance. Korea has plenty of champions! Take chess. Russia has plenty of experts! If we (YOU???) want to be leaders in tourism…
It is NOT enough that our residents like to travel.
It is not enough to have the highest number of tourist visiting the same places at the same time.
If we, really, want to be leaders in Tourism, we have to train our people, to make them able to organize trips and bring people here and then, when they gain the trust of THEIRS tourists, they can send them around the world! Creating, communicating and commercializing their own international routes!
Then, we will be leaders in tourism, because we will have plenty of Touristologists!

But Jordi this is very difficult! Of course! For this reason, Touristology is a science! It is not more difficult than chess or Tae-kwon-do! The only thing that we need is plenty of motivated people, eager to learn. Then, statistics will highlight few champions in the field. Then, the rest will feel more motivated and will follow their example. Then, we will be real leaders in Tourism!
This day, journalists won’t call me about an interview about the problems that tourism brings. Journalists will call these champions to talk about how tourism improves the life of the tourist, creates LOCAL enterprises and well payed jobs for the residents and takes care of the local culture!!!
But Jordi! Are you able to give a single example about this kind of products?
One? I can give thousands!!! What about the ones that appear here?
Don’t like THESE tourists? Bring your own ones! Tourism is NOT something that just happens. It is something that you build! Let’s build a place with the best Touristologists on earth!!!
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela

Jul 19, 2016

YOU have to change the way we enjoy, manage and define Tourism!!!

Asian tourists going to a small village next to Oxford? Because somebody told them that Harry Potter scenes were shot there OR because somebody told them that they will find love when they return?
People going to a tourist destination because they can catch a Pokémon?  
Good examples of Mass Tourism or Specialized? Do you think that this will endure for a long time? I only hope that when some Touristologists create a dynamic package also appears in the news! Basically, because it will be an example of how Touristology can improve the quality of life, provide international contacts and broader perspectives for the tourist AND take care of the culture and create richness and employment for the tourist destination. BUT… Jordi.. it is not the case of the small village or Pokémon? Open your mind Touristologist! Review again the Da Vinci Code story. Review again the story of Chip Conley and JDVhotels then listen to YOUR Touristology’s voice and…change the way we enjoy, manage and define Tourism. You are Touristologists the best minds working in the best sector ever! Time to prove it!!!

May 2, 2016

We are Touristologists! We can choose! Can you?

Let me be clear once and for all! It is OK to use other people/companies CRS (Central Reservation Systems), OTA (On-line Travel Agencies) or SnS (Social Networking Sites) … As a matter of fact usually it is very convenient, BUT what happens when they realize that you need them more than they need you? What happens when they know that we are talking about their customers and NOT yours? Have you seen this ad of Booking (Genius)?
A loyalty program, a way to reward the most profitable customers. Booking is a very successful company and to keep, and even increase their profits they will do (almost) whatever it takes!
Get more customers? What MY customers want? Lower prices? You got it!
Possibility to make a reservation in any hotel? You got it!
Increase the number of bookings? I got it!
Increase my commission? I got it!
It is perfectly OK to use Booking! BUT in order to be (and remain) competitive you have to create more options. In this way, you will be able to choose between their option or yours!
You can create your own SnS, remember Vail resort creating EpicMix. Remember RooMate creating BeMate!
You can create your own CRS or OTA remember Accor!
You can also define your own segments, aggregate and customize an offer to them and communicate and commercialize it through your chain of value (By the way, a good definition of My Own 1,2,3).
One of the ways of defining a segment is the one followed by Chip Conley. Yes! The one who created 30 hotels based on 30 magazines (a meeting place of the segment in Touristologistly terms!)
Please, forget about Millennials or BOBOS! They are very good examples of Dr. Frankenstein segmentation!
So, I repeat… We are Touristologists! We can choose! Can you?
If you can’t, you can always contact any of my Touristologists (the ones that appear here!). At the end of the day, they are the best minds working in the best sector ever!!!

Apr 1, 2016

Creating a Tourism start-up

All my life, I have been planning, experiencing, listening to, reading about people creating new start-ups. This background allow me to see patterns, to propose frameworks… using them  you can try to predict the future of new start-ups just by watching if they stick to the following three rules or not . As a matter of fact, this is true for any enterprise in any sector!
Rule number 1: The world is OUR office!
Forget about LOCAL tourism. Focus on establishing your business in a global environment. The real one!
Don’t be like some entrepreneurs (sorry, they’re definitely… Copyologists!) that go somewhere, copy an idea and then set up the same in their local country. As they are only good at copying ideas, their great hope is that someday the original enterprise will try to establish in their country and they can sell their enterprise to them (better buy than battle, right?)
Rule number 2: Choose wisely generic or specialized tourism (I repeat, the rules are valid for any sector)
If you do something generic, be sure that you can benefit from economies of scale that allow you to provide the lowest prices. Remember, no low prices, no permanent offers, no discounts… NO customer!
-   BUT, Jordi, what if first I seduce low price orientated customers with offers  and then they will come even though at a higher price?
Good example of an Oxymoron, my friend!
If you choose to focus on value instead of price (OR If you are unable to provide economies of scale) focus on a segment (a real one, forget about Dr. Frankensteins segmentation) focus on creating and building a community. So, specialized tourism or specialized business. In this scenario, a competitor can appear offering the lowest prices BUT you have something more important and harder to get... The TRUST of YOUR community!
Rule number 3: Define operations and processes and use web 2.0 business model features (you know:  syndication, customization and pro-am) to improve them. Then design and implement the technological scheme. Do you really believe that you can do that without a two hands mentality? I doubt it!
Let’s see some interesting case in point…
More than one year ago it was very popular to create mobile apps trying to bring customers to your restaurant. Here, we talked about Resy and Groupon…
The flavor of the month lately it has been on-line start-ups connecting restaurants with people willing to order on-line and getting a menu at home or at the office. Just Eat (the global big gorilla), ClubKviar… just to give some examples

After watching the video… How do you clasifly ”just eat” generic or specialized?
Do you see any opportunities for improving processes using the web 2.0 business model?

At the end of the day, those start-ups dream to become a Super 3 in Touristology terms!

How to seduce restaurants? You can increase your sales 25% selling through me! Or you can get to know your customers better thanks to the tools I give you (a kind of loyalty program, a kind of big data system…)
How to seduce customers? Your menu at your finger tips! Get a customized service and access to special discounts in any restaurant inside my system.
Does it sound interesting? Sure! Is it a possible disruptor? It can be!
BUT…If they don’t follow the previous rules (international approach, specialization and two hands mentality) this is the usual outcome…
A lot of new start-ups will appear and at the end (after many broken dreams and loss of money) a few (or just the one) ones will control the market!
Touristologists! Be sure you are part of the winners (the future leaders OR the ones that sell and get the money) Review Touristology rules and keep working, keep dreaming, keep enjoying Touristology!!!

Feb 22, 2016

I’m a hotelier! Why on earth do I have to sell airline tickets?

A few days/weeks ago I shared on my Twitter account this article about Mystifly... 
If you don’t feel like reading the article (which I strongly recommend!)  Here’s a summary… In a nutshell, cross-selling is a good way to increase revenues (and profits, I Touristologistly add!), Airlines practice this selling flights and hotels. So, you can do the same: sell hotels and flights! Mystifly’s APIs allow hoteliers to offer their customers the possibility to make a flight reservation. How is that possible? Does the word “syndication” ring a bell to you?
Eager to learn more? Let’s see this video from Mystifly itself:

In this video the target were travel agents. Now, they are targeting Hoteliers. When I read the article I said to myself, “Hmmm… hoteliers giving support to the customers in the airline company? Using APIs? I have to write a post about that! 
As you know, I love mixing together Touristology and Web-Engineering and this is an excellent case in point.
After the tweet, I got some responses..
“Jordi, I’m an hotelier! Why on earth do I have to sell airline tickets?” My answer? Let me clarify this once and for all… your business it is not ONLY to sell rooms, food and beverage and meeting spaces. Your business is to satisfy your customer, providing what they need, when they need it, in the way they need it! In this way, the tourists will choose you, as THE accommodation provider, OR even better, as my-trusted-partner-in-all-I-need-during-this-trip. On the other hand, you will increase your profits. This is what Yield/Revenue Management is all about!!!
I got another one....  “What? This is NOT Revenue Management? I have been a Revenue Manager for X-years and I never did that.” My answer? Have you been a Revenue Manager for X-years or have you repeated the same year X times?
OK, Jordi stop talking with the past and start talking with the future:.... YOU!!!
Do you have some ideas about how to use Mystifly APIs in an intelligent way (so, the Touristology way, of course!!!)
Can you use the Web 2.0 Business Model?

By the way, do you think that it is possible to connect this post with this one? Where we talked about Beacons, IoT, smart cities, smart chains of value…
Do you think that the web 3.0 principles (integration and synchronization) are beginning to materialize in the tourism sector? It is a great moment to be a Touristologist!!!!
Applications like this (I am sure that, in the near future, hundreds of them will appear) will help to set up chains of value giving support to the tourist from the beginning to the end of the trip. Something, that I strongly believe is the future of the Tourism sector (together with the evolution of specialized tourism and the emphasis on group creation).
Do you realize (as usual) that this enterprise is focused on low price? Can you add something to the business model? Can you think of a way to improve it?
If not you... WHO? If not now... WHEN? 

Feb 15, 2016

Invisible hand in Touristology.

Not long ago, China was a communist country, nowadays it is in transition to becoming a capitalist country but, habits die hard! So far, they have being very successful combining freedom economy principles with control over them (by the way, another good example of an oxymoron!)
For instance, China’s exchange rate is determined by a central authority not for the free market (is it really a free market when people with more money that entire countries exists AND no limitation, whatsoever, in the amount of money they wish to move? Well, this can be the subject of another posts!). We saw this in action this August!
Another example, happened this January. When the stock exchange went down, the government created  a new rule: If the market is down by 7% we will close the stock exchange. Did it work?
You know, in Economy we have the same problem/reality than in Touristology, we are dealing with human beings and we are logical, emotional and gregarious. So, what appeared to be a good idea ended up in a failure! Some traders thought “if at 7% I couldn’t sell… I better sell it when it is 2% down!!!”
Well China, welcome to Bonaparte’s fantasy!!! Napoleon was a great warrior BUT he, REALLY, thought that ruling above everything  all would be fine. Well…keep dreaming Napoleon! Not in economy, not in the education, not in Touristology!!! When you regulate everything people try to avoid the rule NOT getting better results for them and for the rest of us. Let me be crystal clear: Rules (the excess of them) kill creativity, innovation, LIFE!!!
If you want to get great things, there are only a few rules:
1) Choose the best people
2) Motivate them (if they are, really, the best,  it would be enough if you don‘t demotivate them!!!)
3) Give them a good framework.
4) Don’t bother them with XXXX rules!
5) Then wait for results and if they are good... Continue. It they are bad... Adapt!
Do you want your Tourism destination, hotel, any tourism enterprise…
To detect new segments.
Create new products. To define better servuctions processes
Find and try new countries of origin,
Set up the best chain of value in order to provide backup to the tourist from the beginning to the end of the trip?
Follow those rules, then look at Adam Smith into his eyes and said to him: Invisible hand! What a genius you were and ARE!!!