Feb 7, 2018

Do you think that you already know about segmentation?

If you think that you already know about segmentation I have several questions for you…
Are you able to …
1) …keep the loyalty of your customers even when appear a strong competitor (you can call it a new hotel, apartment provided for the new-new intermediary/infomediary or whatever-it-can-appears-in-the-near-future!!!) offering a 10-15-20% discount?
2) …know what kind of ancillary/auxiliary services you can sell to them in a CUSTOMIZED (Versions of ME, Geolocation/Proximity…) way, avoiding the SPAM of generic offers?
3) ….Increase direct reservations in your web booking engine OR in the widget that you have in an SPECIALIZED on-line magazine, social networking site…(meeting places) related to this segment. OR even better… are you able to create these meeting places connecting the segment and the benefits travel can provide to a human being…
Getting and keeping international contacts; healing wounds (both physical and psychological); learning new things (specially multidisciplinary ones);giving a bust to their creativity; improving relationships (organization teambuilding , couple, grandparents-grandson, single parents…)… as we mentioned here.
Are you sure you have learnt about segmentation from Touristology's point of view? OR you have learnt it as a Sociologists? Is it Sociology an interesting science? SURE! Is it focus on PROFITABILITY as Touristology does????
Maybe you are willing to practice with this study case! By the way, I like to provide examples related to RoomMate because they always have an interesting and original approach to Tourism issues. For instance, the creation of Bemate that you can see here and it is the beginning of OUR study case!!!
Can the man that appears in the video, wishing to get together the freedom of an apartment and the services of a hotel provide positive answers to the questions asked in this post?
Can the other segments that appear in the picture (Families with babies and toddlers, Startups, Families celebrating the 100 year anniversary of grandparent/grandmother) provide these answers?
Are you the best minds working in the best sector ever? Time to prove it!!!!

Jan 23, 2018

Everything is possible in first days!

Yesterday, I had my first session with future Touristologists with the Yield/Revenue Manager’s hat on!
I love first sessions in classes, seminar, in-company training or start-up meetings!!! Everything is possible the first day.
The objectives that appear in OUR syllabus, minds and hearts are ALL possible. Everyone can become the best Touristologists in town, create the new, new disruptive star-up, become the intrapreneur of the year in her/his company, to start a promising journey to become a Manager of Hotel or a Travel Agency, or the new, new Intermediary/Infomediary…
In this first class there was a very dynamic student with strong ideas that I wanted to challenge… to see/think/feel these ideas with another view, another attitude… Touristology’s one!!!
1) It is NOT possible to apply Yield/Revenue Management in Hotels that close after the high season!
Is not possible to apply Yield/Revenue Management in this kind of Hotels? Are you pulling my leg? This kind of Hotels are a wonderful opportunity for REAL Touristologists!!! Do you want to become one?
You can review this post where WE explained the study case of the Wickinn hotel in British Columbia (Canada). This article explains this Touristology’s attitude… “The Wick” sits on the western-most coast of Vancouver Island, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. During the summer, it is one of the prettiest and most tranquil spots you can imagine. But from mid-October to late May, this elegant hotel and surrounding area is pummeled with horrific storms complete with howling winds, huge waves and horizontal rain.
Instead of shying away from this horrendous weather for half the year, The Wickaninnish Inn embraced it, creating a whole experience out of Storm Watching. Everyone who experiences Storm Watching comes away from it somehow captivated, transformed and full of stories that they enthusiastically share with others.”
You can get more information here.
There are many things in life where the normal attitude is to get along, just wait until things fix themselves.
When prices are down what will your reaction be? Will you mark down the prices as well? When everybody closes their Hotel… what do you do? Maybe, you will decide to think as a Touristologist does! Looking for new segments, new opportunities, new chains of value, new ancillary products, new ways to add value…
Again, are you special or an average Touristologist?
Average people are ONLY good at making excuses…
2) I will never make an offer in January! People run out of money, they already went on vacations…  so, forget about Yield/Revenue Management in January!
I, clearly, listened to Touristology’s voice talking through me…
What about looking for new segments?
People that win the lottery, any lottery in any country… The world is flat AND definitely, OUR Office!!!
People that want to learn how to eat properly in order to reduce cholesterol levels, to keep their weight at bay… Do you think that you Food and Beverage department can create special packages for this segment?
People locking for a job… can you make a special agreement with the government and provide special training to them in order to develop new Touristology skills and find new opportunities…
I could go on for a month, but I think I have made my point!
As I said in all OUR first sessions… I’m NOT important YOU ARE! Waiting for YOUR examples, waiting to see YOU becoming the best minds in the best sector ever!!!

Jan 6, 2018

Mentoring is a lifelong experience!

The other day, I was talking with a Yield/ Revenue Manager (one of the best in this field). You know, I was a mentor to them, nowadays… They mentor me back!!!  I Love Touristology!!!
I really enjoy talking with my mentors! I like to see the light in their eyes when they talk about something that is very important to them AND they love to share with me all the details of their everyday battlefield!
Then I have the opportunity to propose to them new approaches or just remember the classical ones. It is a win2win situation. A privilege for being a lecturer in Tourism for the last 26 years!
In this specific mentoring session, we began to talk about segmentation process…
My mentor very fast explain to me the  BAR (Best Available Rate) for each segment, each Groups…Then the classification of the segment based on the distribution channel that they use…
WoW! Wait a moment Touristologist! We are talking about SEGMENTATION, Right?
You don’t define a segment properly just because you assign a BAR to them!
You don’t define a segment properly just because you know which OTA, CRS... they are using in order to make a reservation in your hotel!
If you really want to generate demand and not only to manage it, you need to remember what you learnt as a Touristologists! You have to look for the usual suspects to define segments for your hotel…

Are you able to improve the profitability of your hotel using Touristology’s segmentation???
Are you able to find places where these segments meet together? Just remember…
The beginning of your channel (Chain of Value OR Digital Ecosystem) it is NOT your hotel! It is your Tourists!!! If you are unable to find places real or virtual (What is the difference between them in XXI century???) where your customers meet… you don’t have a segment! You have a good example of Dr. Frankensteins segmentation!
Of course, you can have a profitable Hotel using Dr. Frankensteins segmentation! Hotels for millennials or a Hotel for Emmas or Paus. But maybe you can get a more profitable Hotels following Touristology’s segmentation. The one based upon on Maslow approach and developed for hotels by Chip Conley which will allow you to use long tail theory to seduce YOUR customers in specialize places where usually you don’t have to pay in order to get a direct reservation. It is another example of a Win2Win situation that, clearly, will improve your GopPar!!! On the other hand, as you are focus on a very specialized segment, you can focus on selling VALUE not rooms. This will also increase your RevPar and your TRevPar.
This conversation was going on for hours! We finished it with plenty of good examples and eager to apply them in our beloved sector! I love intellectual dancing with My Touristologists… It is the best way to start a new year and the best gift ever!!! It is also the best way of not becoming the characters in the following figure… 

Are you too busy to improve? Even, when you have your solution INSIDE your hotel. You have the best Tourism Resource of all times… Your people!
Do you think that 2018 can be a good year to change (or complement) the way you define and practice SEGMENTATION in your hotel? If you have any doubt… don’t ask me! Ask any of my Touristologists, they are the best minds working in the best sector ever!!!

Dec 4, 2017

Blockchain. Public? Private?... Specialized!!!

Nowadays, there are plenty of people talking about Blockchain. Some of them trying to find useful AND PROFITABLE ways to use this technology in our beloved sector. I will try to convey my vision about this matter.
How do you monetize Blockchain in Tourism?
To me, this is a wrong question. Blockchain is a tool.  Of course, providers of this technology (Ethereum, Hyperledger….) will try to find ways to monetize it BUT from Tourism point of view we have to see if this technology help us to create more profitable enterprises!
Blockchain can be useful both, in public scenarios and in private ones, as we can read in this article BUT as I commented in this tweet...We also have to take into consideration… the chain of value!!! OR Digital Ecosystem if you prefer !!!
Do you really want to apply Blockchain when you have a static chain of value? I mean, when you are dealing with the same set of suppliers, distributors, meeting places of your Tourists… Forget about it! Much better use a normal (and as good as 20 years ago) Data Base!
When is a good idea to use Blockchain? When you have a dynamic chain of value, when the members of this chain of value appear and disappear. It is in this scenario when you will need the main features of Blockchain technology. Trusted and shared identity, adaptive and smart contracts and secure payments!
Blockchain can help YOU to offer interesting things to YOUR community of specialized Tourists then, you will monetize YOUR community! Let’s see if I can summarized this in four steps:
1) First things first, create a good segmentation process! Forget about Dr. Frankenstein ones!!!

Do you really think that you can create a powerful community without a deeper segmentation? Well… you can BUT if a powerful investor appears marking down the price you will be out of the market!!! So, better be sure that you follow the deeper segmentation (or NOT Dr. Frankenstein) rules!
If you are unable to create groups inside the segment, if they don’t love to talk each other about your services, about your trips… you don’t have a community… you have a bunch of individual tourist!!!

2) You can become a Super 3 (S3) for this community.
Some of my Touristologists have problems with S3 concept. S3 is NOT a concept… It is a PROFIT generator. It is an OPPORTUNITIES creator for YOU!!!
S3 is an intermediary. You are in the middle of a community that trust you and want to use other people/enterprises services BUT ONLY if these services are customized and servuctioned in the same way that they love. YOUR WAY!
Then, these people / enterprises will be willing to pay YOU to sell anything to YOUR Customers.
S3 it was the name of the game that Microsoft played with IBM! IBM was focus only in the hardware (the product)! Microsoft focus on to be the intermediary (The Operating System) between any PC provider (apart from APPLE!) or software provider (Data Base, Text Processor… anything!) and the customer that want to use this PC or software through the Microsoft Operating System!
Here in this video we can image how the meeting was…

It is a very interesting scene! But you know what… nothing can compare to the things that you can create in our beloved sector OR in any other sector!
Be ready, be willing to try, dream to win!!!
IBMs of the Tourism sector! I proudly introduce you the Bill Gates of XXI century… MY Touristologists!!!
You don’t have a product to sell. You have a community to serve. This is your power, this is your competitive advantage!!!
You can sell MORE, both to the members of the community and for any person/organization trying to seduce them. I try to represent this idea with this graphic

3) Enterprises willing to offer their services to YOUR Customers will offer the 3C’s in a customized, Syndicated and Pro-amized way

4) To offer these services in this way you will need tools. Blockchain is one of these tools… providing…
A) Share a trusted identity: I know who you are (Customers, suppliers…). Blockchain allow us to verify our identity and all the information that it is necessary for the transaction that we want to do. I repeat, NOT all the information, ONLY the information that we need! Remember, customization without privacy it is a nightmare!

B) Smart contracts: Blockchain allow us to create “smart contracts” to link together actions and consequences.
C) Pay secure: Sure, you get the money! Blockchain allow us to make secure payments!
Blockchain make very easy to increase members of the chain of value!!! It allows you to setup  an OPEN ecosystem focus on providing all the things the members of YOUR community need before, during and after the trip!!!
Can other tools help you? Of course…
IoT: Smart devices connected and giving support to the Tourist! Some very intelligent people call it Ledger Of Things.
Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning…) offering recommendations, knowing what are the Tourist is watching and customizing what appear in the reality.
Jordi… is this possible?
I try to summarize this idea using this figure…

Do you think that following these four steps WE can make OUR idea profitable?  I’m willing to try! Do you want to join me? Do you like (or are you willing to learn how) to code in order to use these technologies? Do you like Touristology? Sounds enough to me!!!

Dec 1, 2017

I love INTERNATIONAL classes!!!

WOW!!! I have just finished the last class of a very exciting group!
Mental warriors from Colombia, Germany, Taiwan… I Love international classes! 
Interesting contacts, plenty of new experiences, a bunch of opportunities for my Touristologists!!!!
Jordi… what do you mean with OPPORTUNITIES? Asked the usual copyologist.
Let’s see… Listen to your inner Touristology voice!!!
1) To create incoming and outgoing travel agencies between YOUR country and the country of the international students!
2) To send YOUR tourists to any place in the world where you have international contacts!!!
3) To create a new division of a multinational company with NOT presence in YOUR country. It can be a travel agency willing to send tourists to your native country OR a chain of hotels willing to open/manage a hotel in your native country OR an airline company willing to open a route to your native country OR a tourism consultancy company OR a rent a car OR a revenue management software company OR… I could go on for a month but I think I have made my point!
We are Touristologists, the world is our office AND DEFINETILY … YOU are the best minds working in the best sector ever!!!
Can you feel the energy of these international mental warriors?
It’s the most powerful force of the Universe. It’s the force of a dream burning inside… Touristology’s dream!!!
I love to be a Touristologist builder!!!

Nov 1, 2017

Generating and compensating demand. Increasing profits!

The old Yield/Revenue Management idea of a single demand curve is over. We have to generate demand/s with new segments. We have to compensate current demand with the new ones. We have to increase profits. We have to reinvent Yield/Revenue Management.
The other day, I shared with you a couple of tweets where I quoted two sentences from this book 
Why did I highlight this sentences from this book?
Because, I Touristologistly believe, that they represent something fundamental AND usually missing in nowadays training, consultancy, practice of Yield/Revenue Management.
First, the focus on pricing techniques (that are very interesting, except when they are just... mark down the price with low occupancy!) and not the focus on profit.
Second AND MORE IMPORTANT, paying all the attention on CURRENT demand and a lack of focus on demand generation from NEW segments. Segments with different patterns that you can seduce in different ways in order that they appear in your Hotel/Tourism enterprise when is more convenient to you. Furthermore, you can compensate high demand of one of the segments with low demand of the others AND THE OTHER WAY AROUND. So, compensate low demand of one of the segments with high demand of the others. We are wave managers, remember?
Here you can see a graphic representing waves compensation!
Let’s see an example about waves compensation. We can think about Shangri-la... they have a problem of low occupancy (better to say a problem of less than desirable profit? YES!!!) during weekends because most of their customers are business people.
They Touristologistly make the most of nowadays social tendency... I want to be the best professional BUT ALSO THE BEST Parent!!!
So, you can promote to your customers… use you hard earned points of OUR loyalty program to appear in OUR hotel during weekends and enjoy especial activities for your kids. Not only you are a great professional you are the parent of the month! By the way, good example of Versions Of Me !!! The business people doesn’t appear during the weekends BUT yes, the lovely parent!
You can read this article and see how they are practicing these ideas.
“In 2017 Shangri-La Hotel, Shenyang, in Shenyang China, launched its second round of “K20 Activities.” This two-day training program, available to travelers and locals, pairs up to 20 children ages five to twelve with professionals at the property for fun “training” sessions that provide insight into the in’s and out’s of luxury hotel operations.” Interesting practice Shangri-la!!!
At the end of the day, these two ideas conveyed in the two sentences that we have been talking about (improving profits and discovering new segments) are highly connected. When you have new segments, you can sell to them complementary products, as a matter of fact, F&B or beds can be the complementary ones because, for specific segments, the principal components of the product are related with their main motivation.
It can be good service and attitude with their dog as we saw in this example about Disney OR to enjoy doing your favorite activity surrounded with people that like it or want to be a professional or they are already professionals on it… like the example of Chip Conley’s first specialized hotel on Rock music lovers and based on Rolling Stone magazine!!! It is obvious, that in those scenarios, the possibility to sell these extra activities and the basic ones without a discount will increase your TRevPar.
We can also use Long Tail theory for these specialized segments... that means to appear in specialized places where you will pay lower commissions/prices and sometimes don't pay them at all. Let’s see two examples…
For instance, if you create a tour for architects from architect’s point of view, visiting the city where you have your hotel, offering also possibilities to sign in an internship with a local architect studio, etc. You can use Long Tail Theory and try to promote and distribute your package in any Architects university around the world. This promotion and distribution can be a win to win situation for everybody! Here you can find more information about special packages for Architects.
The same can happens, if you create a specialized package for grandparents travelling with their grandkids where you teach mathematics (a fun review for the grandkids and an opportunity for the grandparents to become the perfect tutor) or teaching basic coding to develop a native mobile app (where the kids will be the tutors!!!). To appear in a specialized social networking site as grandparents.com can also generate, again, this win to win situation!
All these actions will also increase your GopPar! More opportunities to generate extra revenues, or commissions for special activities, less cost of promotion and distribution… I love the application of long tail theory in Touristology!!!
Yield/Revenue management is changing a lot and we need YOU to create, improve, define these changes!!! As Alan Kay says “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”!!! We are Touristologist! We do that!!!
Do you want to join US? I will be here, in the cloud, waiting for you!!!!

Oct 9, 2017

Create something ORIGINAL for specialized segments!

These weeks have been very intense! A proposal to create a start-up, a consultancy, the first classes and seminars…. I love intense times related to Touristology!!!
A copyologist’s thought that has appeared over and over during these activities it is the idea that Tourism enterprises Or Tourism destinations must begin the creation, communication and commercialization of Tourism products WHEN THE TOURIST IS ALREADY HERE. How on earth is possible that in XXI century this idea still alive?
I will provide two examples based on my experiences during these weeks. I hope you enjoy them AND HELP TOURISTOLOGY TO DESTROY THIS OLD AND NO PROFITABLE IDEA!!!
The other day, I shared with all of you this video, introducing the AirBnB initiative related to Jessica Parker and asked a simple question… What would you do in order to remain competitive?

I was waiting for examples like… I will look for new segments, I will try to seduce them with this dynamic package using a collaboration with these enterprises… To me surprise, I got some like this:
“I will do special activities for THESE Tourists. As they are here (near to my hotel) I will offer to them complementary activities”
WoW! Offer services to Tourists of other enterprises because they are here?
I don’t think this is, necessarily, a bad idea BUT... is it a Touristologists' idea?
Is it a profitable one?
Is it NOT much better that YOU define YOUR segment then, try to create customized and aggregate components of products in order to satisfy their needs USING the chain of value that you build and control?
AirBnB is doing just this! Define a segment (Jessica Parker’s fans), customize and aggregate components of products to seduce them (meet the star, do the activities that She did in the films…) AND, of course, making the reservation through AirBnB!!! 

Something similar happened to me when I had the opportunity to be an external consultant for a hotel. They spent hours and hours talking about how the hotel is refurbishing its rooms, the swimming pool, the reception… in order to get “quality” Tourism.
How long they talked about segments definition? “0” How many seconds did they talk about distribution channels, meeting places of this segment? “0” How many seconds did they talk about how to help YOUR Tourists to help YOU to create, communicate and commercialize tourism products? “0”
If you want to seduce more profitable Tourists you have to use Touristology’s frameworks! Define a segment, customize and aggregate an offer to seduce them through a chain of value that you control/manage!
To summarize, spend less budget on refurbishing the hotel and more budget on refurbishing YOUR Chain of Value!!!
You are doing the process perfectly BUT you have a confused goal! As Einstein said:
Stop complementing / copying product of other enterprises. Stop refurbishing. Create something original for specialized segments! Don’t be copyologist…